Chad Hinkle
Marketing Research

Introducing Resilients™

Resilients are a newly discovered group of people whose unique abilities will lead your brand and company to financial success. Here's how...

Resilients' Brains Give Them Real Life Superhuman Abilities
Resilients' unique abilities are due to their special brain hardwiring. At some point in their lives, all Resilients suffered a psychological trauma. The events surrounding this psychological trauma can be nearly anything and range from events like a relationship ending or car accident to the death of a loved one or being injured in a combat zone. No matter its circumstances, the event led to an extreme amount of stress that caused their  brain's thinking, feeling, and memory centers to physically break down and shrink.

Accurate Perception Leads To Breakthrough Results

Regular People, Superhuman Brains

Resilients are the only group of people who have removed the filters through which others perceive reality.  Now, for the first time in history, advances in science and technology have yielded the information needed to find this once hidden group of extraordinary people. Using this information, I created a tool to identify Resilients for marketing research ( Resilient Consumers™ )
Most psychological trauma survivors' brains will repair and eventually restore themselves back to their pre-trauma state. Resilients' brains, on the other hand, fundamentally rebuilt and rewired themselves to adapt to the extreme stress. Like a weightlifter's muscles, Resilients' brains grew and strengthened themselves by making more connections within and between their thinking, feeling, and memory systems. This Resilient brain mutation only occurs in about 25% of trauma survivors. This new wiring gives Resilients superhuman  levels  of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, and Chronesthesia - the ability to mentally time travel . Simply put, their perspective is bigger and deeper than anyone else's giving them the most accurate perception of reality.

To read about Resilients is one thing, to hear them speak is quite another:

Sheryl Sandburg's story of hitting rock bottom and finding a way to grow stronger is the story of every Resilient. Finding and using their wisdom will help you do better research and develop better leaders. Here's how my clients use Resilients in their companies...

Resilient Consumers™ are used by my clients in a variety of different ways. For example:

  • Recruiting one Resilient Consumer for each focus group to insure at least one great respondent per group
  • Running a pilot quant study with a small group of Resilient Consumers to learn which questions are giving the most insights to cut down on overall cost when conducting national quant study
  • Creating a group of Resilient Consumers who are consumer guides for the clients throughout the product innovation process
  • Using Resilient Consumers to evaluate concepts before quant testing
  • Doing a small number of in-home ethnographies (instead of multi-city focus groups) with Resilient Consumers to understand where a new product could fit into their lives and how best to communicate its benefits
  • Conducting a "premortem": asking two groups of Resilient Consumers to identify all of the potential future problems with a product so the client could make changes and have plans in place for future opportunities